Safest way of facial hair removal

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal with no side effects and minimum pain. It requires patience and skill to master the art of threading. Threading was initially originated in Asia and Middle East. In USA, threading is considered the safest hair removal technique.

Certified specialists use cotton thread to twist around eybrows and pull the thread back and forth to remove unwanted hair. Eyebrows can be shaped in to beautiful shapes. Threading is safe for women, men, teens, and all ages. 

Unlike waxing, threading is safe with minimal pain and can be completed within minutes resulting in beautiful facial appearance. Waxing, tweezing, and razors can make the hair to grow faster and thicker. The danger of causing injury are higer with these methods. 

With threading, you can have beautiful facial appearance with minimum pain and side effects. The hair does take longer time to grow back and is not that coarse. 

Advantages of Threading

Here are some advantages of threading:

  1. Minimum material such as only a cotton thread is required
  2. Minimum to no pain
  3. Completed within few minutes
  4. Does not result in ingrown hair
  5. No redness or swelling
  6. Hair re-growth is slower
  7. Safe for people with allergies
  8. Safe for people with sensitive skin and taking special medicines

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Threading FAQs

Threading vs. Razor

Razor is very harsh on face and leaves scars on the sensitive skins. Whereas threading is soft and does not result in any scars.

Threading vs. Waxing

Waxing involves chemicals and results in uneven hair growth. Alternately, threading is preferred because there are no chemicals involved and hair growth is even.

Threading Vs. Tweezer

Tweezing involves lot of plucking and takes time to get rid of all the unwanted hair. On the other hand, threading is easy to remove facial hair and can be completed in few minutes.

Threading Vs. Shaving

Shaving creams and blades cause redness in skin and are often dangerous. However, threading is completely safe and hair removal is done by only a cotton thread.

Threading Cost

Threading is the most affordable facial hair removal technique. It can be completed by a skilled brow stylist within few minutes with zero pain and side effects.

Threading Side Effects

Threading has no side effects such as redness or swelling which are common in waxing. Threading is suitable for all skin types and ages. No in grown hair is seen with threading hair removal.